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Heidi's new book, Skully Says Shut It!: Life, Love, and Laughter with Husband- Head
is now available!!

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Featured on Dateline NBC's special, "Honey, You're On Hidden Camera," in March 2007

meet the rice family!

From all outward appearances, the Rice's may seem to be an ordinary working couple, but inside it's a wacky world with no shortage of laughs as this baby-boomer pair - without the babies - share their day-to-day lives with two big drooling yellow Labs and a cranky cat in the column "Fried Rice."

Husband-head - an 8-year-old football addict trapped in a man's body - still hasn't figured out how he ended up married in the first place. But he's a never-ending source of amusement to Heidi, a newspaper reporter, who feels it necessary to share their private lives with her readers.

Heidi's column even prompted Dateline NBC to film husband-head on hidden camera while watching his beloved Green Bay Packers football team play and then aired it in a special called "Honey, You're On Hidden Camera." Following the initial embarrassment of the program which was seen throughout the nation, he has since forgiven her.

From football and family to housekeeping and holidays, you'll find something you can relate to in the award-winning column which will make you realize you're REALLY not the only weird ones.

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