Family life with a famous skull

"It seems Skully is rather famous," I announced after checking my email the other morning. "He's got fans all over the country."
Husband-head just laughed.
"Skully says he wants his own TV show," he replied. "He says he's tired of just sitting on the counter all the time. And for right now, Skully says he wants breakfast."
"Skully" is always wanting something...
But I was amazed at the number of messages I was getting from people all wanting their own Skully after having seen the Dateline NBC program in which husband-head is filmed on hidden camera talking through the ceramic skull head candle-holder during a football game.
"Skully wants another beer!" husband-head ordered during the game.
And if I tried to distract husband-head while he was watching, Skully got mad.
"Skully says knock it off....pipe's Monday night!" husband-head channeled through the knick knack.
Following the show, emails came in from people wanting to know where they could also get a "Skully."
"We want our own Skully," a woman from Long Island wrote. "With my daughter in law school, we communicate via text message frequently. After your show aired, 'Skully' was asking me a lot of questions through text messaging."
"I now have a new ally in my defense when I get in trouble - Skully," another man wrote.
"Already (my husband) has generously renamed our cat," another email said. "He is affectionately calling him 'Skully.' It seems as though my husband has begun to live vicariously through 'Skully' whose real name is 'Riley.' Skully, aka my husband Jeff, is making outlandish demands as witnessed on the hidden camera show. Where can I get my husband a 'Skully' like yours?"
Everyone was clamoring for a Skully.
Who'd have thought that this little ceramic skull-head would get so much attention? I bought the damn thing for $3.99 at a craft store. Its original purpose was as a candle-holder, in which a small tea candle can be placed in its mouth and lights it up.
But it had now become a tool in which men around the country were talking through to communicate with their wives.
And even more.
Early the other morning, my friend Kelley called.
"You're not going to believe this," she laughed. "I was watching Court TV this morning where they were trying this very serious murder case. The attorney calls up her next witness - a guy whose last name was 'Skull' - and the attorney smiled and said, 'Not to be confused with 'Skully.'"
"No way," I said, not believing Skully would ever be mentioned in a court of law.
"Yup, Skully is famous!" Kelley proclaimed.
Actually, I was thinking of putting Skully away since he was only supposed to be a Halloween decoration that would normally be down in the basement by now with all the other Halloween stuff.
"No," husband-head insisted. "Skully is part of the family. He gets to stay out all year. In fact, Skully says he wants you to stop putting those little candles in his mouth..."
"Skully is going to get dropped on his little ceramic head if he doesn't watch it," I warned. "I brought him here and I can make him go away."
Actually, with all the response to Skully, I was thinking of how I could cash in on him.
"Maybe I'll put Skully for sale on eBay," I suggested to husband-head. "I bet someone would buy him."
Husband-head looked horrified at the thought.
"Maybe I'll put YOU for sale on eBay," he threatened. "You leave my Skully alone! We're buddies and Skully isn't going anywhere!"
When husband-head left the room, I looked at Skully and then looked around to make sure no one could see.
"Look here, you skull-head," I said, a little embarrassed that now I was talking to the inanimate object. "Let's just get one thing clear - I don't take orders from you."
Skully just sat there with his mouth wide open in a jeering sort of way.
And apparently he didn't take me seriously, because later on when I tried to talk during a shoot-em-up movie on TV, the thing piped up again through husband-head.
"Skully says SHUT IT!"